Fitness Academy at Arkady Wrocławskie shopping center

The last floor of Wroclaw Arkady Shopping Center holds one of the largest and most modern fitness clubs in Wroclaw – the ‘Fitness Academy’.



The club offers among others:
– gym equipped with 41 modern cardio machines with LED displays,
– indoor cycling room,
– group fitness training room,
– personal training room,
– massage and sauna rooms.
The M. Ostrowski Company delivered and launched a sound system, as well as video and lighting systems in all rooms of the Fitness Academy.




The main hall, locker rooms and saunas at the gym were fitted with a 100V sound system. This system includes two separate zones, each with an individual set of sound sources. The sources include radio and TV tuners, CD/MP3 players or network players, which allow for programming of a weekly playlist. Gym staff can communicate with the customers using wireless Sennheiser microphones. Sound is played through the APart ceiling speakers and QSC wall speakers.



The indoor cycling room is equipped with a stereo sound system, which includes QSC active speaker sets. The person leading the indoor cycling class can use a wireless Sennheiser microphone along with a professional dual CD/MP3 Denon player. All of these devices are mounted in a mobile 19” rack, which allows for easy reconfiguration of the bicycle placement in the room.



The fitness training room is the largest area in the Fitness Academy. In order to assure the best sound, we proposed four active wide-range FBT speaker sets and an active low-tone subwoofer. Additionally, APart spherical ceiling speakers were installed throughout the room to improve speech legibility. The person leading the fitness class can use a wireless microphone along with a CD/MP3 Denon player with controllable playback speed – all mounted in a mobile 19” rack.

The personal training room was provided with two QSC active speaker sets, which can play music from a professional CD player.




The M.Ostrowski company designed and supplied an extensive video distribution system. The audio and video signals from TV decoders are fed into the distribution network based on Kramer Electronics devices. Signals are distributed to TV sets and cardio machines at the gym. The cardio machines are equipped with displays and earphone sockets, so that the exercising person can watch and listen to TV during their workout. 

The Fitness Academy staff can easily switch the video sources and decide which zone should display video from which tuner device. The video system also allows for automatic predefined playback of advertisements. 

The video system is linked to the sound system, thus it is also possible to play sound from a given tuner throughout the entire gym. 


The M.Ostrowski company also installed a professional lighting system in the fitness and cycling rooms. 

The fitness room has a mirror ball illuminated by four independent spotlights along with four UV (‘black light’) fluorescent tubes. Also, the mirrors were framed with DMX controlled LED tubes. 
The cycling room was equipped with an effects scanner, DMX controlled PAR64 LED spotlights and a range of LED panels illuminating one of the side walls. 

Staff is able to freely configure the lighting effects and to select an appropriate DMX program for each of the rooms.