design, delivery and commissioning of professional sound systems

Our approach to design of electroacoustic systems takes into account all factors, which can in any way affect the final results, starting with room acoustics, through appropriate equipment selection and configuration and finishing of with assurance of proper ergonomics / work comport for the operators. The final shape of the proposed system is determined among others through computer simulation, whilst the suitability of the given solution is often confirmed through live demonstrations at the Client.s facility. A very important aspect of this job, is the ability to understand the needs and requirements of our Clients, therefore our consultants are always trying to provide active guidance in the decision process, suggesting the most suitable solutions.

sales and service of professional sound, light and video equipment

Nowadays, sound, image and light are usually combined to provide the complete artistic experience. Considering this, our company is expanding a department responsible for lighting and integration of lighting with sound equipment. We offer a wide range of equipment for sound, light and video as well as a team of consultants, who know how to effectively achieve synergy between sound and vision.

company development through offer expansion and better service quality project – part of the EU Sectoral Operational Programme “Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, years 2004-2006”

Under the “Company development through offer expansion and better service quality” (SPOWKP/2.3/3/02/01218) project – part of the EU Sectoral Operational Programme “Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, years 2004-2006”, our Company was able to purchase some new advanced audio equipment, which allows us to provide a new range of professional services, including:

  • measurements and configuration adjustment of audio systems,
  • audio handling services for mass cultural events,

These services are provided using modern equipment, including: a measurement system from MeyerSound and digital mixing consoles along with auxiliary equipment from Yamaha and Optocore. Both of these services are carried out independently and exclusively by M.Ostrowski s.j. Company.

audio handling services for mass cultural events

The procurement of the two digital mixing consoles (for FOH and for sound monitoring), along with the required set of accessories, made by Yamaha and Optocore, allows for supply of professional sound handling services for various mass cultural events. This system greatly improves sound engineering work comfort at indoor and outdoor events – especially in case of larger shows, where the mixing consoles can be linked together and where:

  1. the front console handles the surround sound for the audience, allowing for corrections to achieve the most uniform sound distribution for all parts of the audience;
  2. the monitoring console is used to handle the stage sound, assuring that none of the artists is deafened by his own voice and that each can comfortably concentrate on his/her best quality performance;

During smaller events, each of the consoles can be used as a backup for the other device – i.e. each of the elements can operate independently, taking over the tasks of the other device if such a need arises. During larger projects the devices are interlinked, allowing for digital sound handling and sound transfer using fiber-optic links, which currently is an unmatched solution available to our local market.

sound interior design and realization

Our specialized and experienced team of acoustical engineers is capable of achieving the best possible sound at any facility, whilst maintaining the original and unique character of the given interior. This team has vast experience in design and execution of projects of all sizes, starting with small sound recording / control rooms and ending with large concert halls. The Client can rest assured that his requirements will not only be completely fulfilled, but that he will also be provided with guidance and suggestions of possible improvements, for example: selection of same or better materials or solutions, yet often at a lower price. The full cooperation with the Client at all stages of the project design is one of the key objectives of our employees in all of their activities.

sales and service of musical instruments

An important part of our business is also the musical instrument service and store, available also online at This is a place for all fans of music. At our store you can find probably the widest range of musical instruments in Poland, whilst our consultants will help you select an instrument with best value for money, depending on your requirements. We have a wide variety of items in store, including drum sets, wind-instruments and keyboards. At the store you can physically .touch. several different drum sets, wind-instruments or keyboards and you surely should be impressed by an entire wall of several dozen guitars of various type and make. Of course M.Ostrowski also offers sound reinforcement systems, speaker sets and amplifiers of all major makes. If you don.t find the given item currently on the shelf, you can always order to have it imported. Our service provides maintenance and repair for all musical instruments and equipment. Our experienced staff can bring back to life and take care of practically any instrument.

measurements and configuration adjustments of audio systems

The procured measurement equipment allows for a wide range of services related to evaluation of onsite audio conditions and for adjustment of the audio system.s configuration based on the indications defined by the measurement equipment. Using this digital assessment system allows for input of the technical parameters of the site planned for a given event, along with data pertaining to the foreseen audio equipment. Then, the output from this system allows for the most efficient arrangement / setup of the components, allowing for the best and most uniform sound distribution . i.e. providing generally the same sound wavelength, intensity and power to each and every person in the audience. Use of such an advanced system allows for assessment of generally immeasurable parameters, whilst providing clearly measurable benefits:

  • in closed facilities the audio reception can improve by about 50%,
  • whilst for open-air events this can provide an improvement of about 20%,

This system also allows for assessment of sound parameters of existing audio installations. The results obtained from this analysis allow for further adjustments and improvement of such system.s sound quality.