Animation Spa Theater in Jelenia Góra

Zdrojowy Teatr Animacji (‘Animation Spa Theater’) in Jelenia Góra continues the traditions of the Jelenia Góra Animation Stage, with its beginnings relating to the Puppet Scene, established in 1976 by the famous Wroclaw actor Andrzej Dziedziul (however the history of theatrical performances at the Cieplice scene dates even further, back to the late XVIIIth century).



The basic repertoire of this theater consists of children’s plays (with some more important plays including: “Felix the Medic”, “Matolek the Billy-Goat”, or the rare “black-theater” play “The Little Humpback Horse”); from time to time the theater also features adult plays, such as: “Gimpel the Fool” or “Aqua Sanitata”; an important part of the offer also includes outdoor shows, usually relating to the history of the region: “Rzepiór – the mountain ghost “, “Chojnik Castle Legends”, “The Great Theater of Karkonosze Mountain Legends ” or “Hofmamania”. 
The current seat of the Theater, after almost 25 years of operation, is at the Spa Theater building designed by Albert Tollberg and built in 1836, which has a distinctive classical style with empire interiors. 

The Vth stage of the “Expansion of the Jelenia Góra Spa Theater – Modernization of the Spa Theater”, financed as part of the EEA Financial Mechanism, was started in 2008. The renovation and revitalization project was finished in December 2011 and included adaptation of this historical object to modern day requirements (such as fire safety regulations, accessibility for the handicapped), expansion of the usable space (including the addition of over 50 new audience seats) as well as conservation works. At that time a decision was made to thoroughly modernize the Theater technical facilities. This classic building was expanded by a modern form glass annex whilst maintaining the wooden construction of the old part of the building. The renovated auditorium includes the uncovered original paintings along with the unusual blue interior decor (where the installed auditorium lighting nicely blends in with this color) standing out from the other objects of this type in Poland. As part of the project, working together with LTT Sp. z o.o. from Warsaw (responsible for the lighting technology), M.Ostrowski carried out the task of “supply and assembly of Theater lighting, stage manager and audio system”.



Sound system 

In accordance with the requirements of the investor and the generally prevailing trends in professional sound systems, as well as in order to assure the maximum reliability and usage comfort, audio distribution was carried in digital form. System elements comprise of the top class equipment, including in particular: 

• Digital Soundcraft Vi4 console, allowing for digital signal processing by DSP processors from renowned professional audio suppliers, such as Lexicon and BSS. This console also allows for digital audio signal distribution from FOH (Front of House) using the MADI standard (48 input lines and 24 return channels) over Cat5e cabling. The additional fiber-optic outputs at the local rack, along with the included audio interface, portable computer and appropriate DAW software (Samplitude 11) allows also for signal recording



• The main sound reinforcement system based on the newest CF series solutions from Renkus-Heinz. Eight full range point source array speaker modules (Renkus Heinz CF101LA-5R) arranged in two side line array clusters and two subwoofer modules (Renkus Heinz CF15S-5R) in a central cluster provide excellent dynamics and uniform sound distribution for an audience of around 200 people. The precise selection of the location and direction of the speakers was established based on appropriate simulations using EASE 4.3 software. Use of active speaker modules with RHAON (Renkus Heinz Audio Operations Network) technology, allows for remote system configuration, adjustment of DSP signal corrections as well as monitoring of the state of the speakers, eliminating the need of traditional speaker processors whilst offering wider features. It is worth mentioning, that because of the historical nature of the object and thus imposed limitations, M.Ostrowski engineers designed a unique mounting for the line array hoists, so that the equipment elements blend in with the interior design



• Wireless microphone system, allowing for 24 simultaneous audio channels, based on 500 G3 series Sennheiser units. Actors are provided with a selection of handheld and bodypack transmitter modules, which can be used with headset microphones (Countryman, DPA), tie-clip microphones (Countryman) as well as instrument mounted microphones (Audio-Technica), 

• Complete set of wired microphones, which is the standard for stage work (Shure, AKG), 

• Players for all typical theater media, i.e. CD, MD and DVD, 

• Monitor system allowing for audio feedback for the actors on the scene – including standard wedge 
speakers and wireless earphones (AKG). 

Noteworthy is also the installation itself, including almost twenty signal terminals in various points of the stage, as well as the audience, the trap room or the sound technicians cabin. In total the technical staff is provided with 52 microphone inputs, 31 return lines, 17 speaker lines as well as a Cat5e network, for transmission of data, audio and video signals as well as control of devices connected to the internal LAN. The entire system is freely configurable at the patch panels, located within the main equipment rack. The installation also foresees the ability to run the show from the audience, where it is possible to plug in a console along with all required peripherals (also in the event of shows carried out by external crews), to the installed sound system.



Part of the project also included the supply of equipment for “on-the-road” shows, where the devices were mounted in special reinforced transport cases allowing for quick and easy setup and startup at the place of foreseen performance. 

Stage manager system 

The installed system allows for coordination of work of all people involved in the show. It is based on Riedel solutions, with the heart of the system consisting of a Riedel Performer 32+16 matrix, which along with the relevant peripherals allows for: 

• two-way wired communication between the stage managers desk (Riedel RCP-2016P4) and the sound and light technicians, ticket office and the director in the audience (4 Riedel DCP-5108 intercoms), 

• two-way wireless communication based on 3M Peltor solutions, 

• broadcast of voice and sound messages to the stage, auditorium, foyer and other technical facility rooms – total of 3 power amplifiers serving over thirty 100V speaker devices, located in three different zones, 

• remote control of the “SILENCE” signs, 

• innovative, wireless stage action confirmation system, developed especially based on the needs of the Animation Spa Theater. 

The intercom system was further enhanced by a multimedia presentation system, including a professional JVC GY-HM100e camera, high-resolution Sanyo PLC-XM100L projector and suitable video mixer, for management of the relevant video signals. 

Lighting system 

The Animation Spa Theater not only has an interesting architecture and excellent acoustics, but also great theater infrastructure, thanks to LTT Sp. z o.o., which supplied and installed a complete lighting system, with all the required controls and suitable cabling. The Animation Spa Theater is the first in Poland to decide to use a lighting control system based on the grandMA2 light console from MA Lighting.