Cultural Objects


The Lodz Fine Arts Academy Fashion Promotion Center

In the second half of 2012 M.Ostrowski Sp.j. delivered and installed an electroacoustic, audiovisual and interactive floor system at the Lodz Fine Arts Academy (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych) Fashion Promotion Center.
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Polish Theatre in Wroclaw

Teatr Polski in Wroclaw was established in 1949, at which time it was called Panstwowy Teatr Dolnoslaski (National Theater of Lower Silesia), the current name is in use since 1969. This theater includes three scenes: Small Stage (at Swidnicka 28), Swiebodzki Train Station Stage (at Orlat Lwowskich 20c) and Jerzy Grzegorzewski Stage situated in the headquarters of Teatr Polski (Polish Theater) at Gabrieli Zapolskiej 3. more »

Animation Spa Theater in Jelenia Góra

Zdrojowy Teatr Animacji (‘Animation Spa Theater’) in Jelenia Góra continues the traditions of the Jelenia Góra Animation Stage, with its beginnings relating to the Puppet Scene, established in 1976 by the famous Wroclaw actor Andrzej Dziedziul (however the history of theatrical performances at the Cieplice scene dates even further, back to the late XVIIIth century).
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Podlasie Opera In Białystok

In Białystok we can currently witness the development of one of the largest cultural sites in Poland. The Podlasie Opera building will house a main hall with over 800 seats, a chamber hall as well as rehearsal rooms for the choir, ballet and orchestra; there will also be an outdoor amphitheater. more »

Audio system at the Warsaw Royal Castle

M.Ostrowski sp.j. participated in an experimental project finance by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education – from the Warsaw F. Chopin University of Music, Tadeusz Fidecki grant. The project aimed at improving the intelligibility of audio and music at selected rooms of the Royal Castle. more »

System at the Gdansk “Coast” Theater

In 2009 M.Ostrowski sp.j. supplied a new intercom system as part of the order for „Supply and installation of a stage manager system at the National „Wybrzeże” Theater in Gdansk, along with the installation and post-installation projects. more »

Intercom System at the Warsaw Drama Theater

In 2009 we took part in a consortium with Aplauz Sp. z o.o. and provided modernization of the intercom system as part of the order for: „Supply including installation, assembly and commissioning of the stage managers system for the Gustaw Holoubek Drama Theater of Warsaw”. more »

The Pulawy Cultural Center „Chemists House”

„Dom Chemika” Cultural Center is the largest object of this type in Pulawy, offering the local community various forms of leisure activities. It allows among others for organizing theater performances, concerts of classical and popular music, cabaret and film projection. more »

Kielce Cultural Center

Kielce Cultural Center (KCK) is establish in December 1992 as the result of the merger between the Kielce Culture Center and the Municipal Cultural Center.
The KCK object consists of three sectors: more »

Cinema/Theater „Forum” in Boleslawiec

The „Forum” Cinema led since 1992 by Boleslawiec Cultural Center can be considered the main cultural center of Boleslawiec. After the general renovation in 2008, the object offers not only top-level cinema services (including digital and 3D projections) but also hosts theatrical performances, festivals and concerts.
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