Chorzów Entertainment Theatre

Chorzów Entertainment Theatre is located at Maria Konopnicka 1 Street. It holds two stages: a large stage and a smaller one – called the Gallery Stage. Lately, Chorzów Entertainment Theatre is undergoing intensive development and modernization of its interiors and stage technology.

The Large Stage currently provides 588 audience seats and includes a stage, orchestra pit and backstage facilities. The total volume of this hall (stage + audience) is 8800[m3]. The Gallery Stage provides 200 rearrangeable audience seats, along with a stage and backstage facilities. The total volume of this hall (stage + audience) is 1200[m3].
During the period of December 2007 to September 2008, M. Ostrowski Company equipped Chorzów Entertainment Theatre with a digital intercom system, digital audio consoles as well as equipment for the intercom, acoustic and lighting system of the Gallery Stage. These activities were carried out under the following tasks:

• replacement of the intercom equipment.

• purchase of sound equipment.

• equipment of audience hall and technical facilities of the Gallery Stage of Chorzów Entertainment Theatre.



1. Intercom system. 
The task “replacement of the intercom equipment” included delivery, installation and commissioning of an integrated intercom system for the Large and Small Stage of Chorzów Entertainment Theatre. The supplied solution is based on a 32-port intercom matrix made by RTS, which allows for: 

• two-way wire-based communication system, covering among others: stage manager stands at the Large and Small Stage, acoustician / light engineer cabins, stage director stand located in the audience, orchestra conductor stand, operator posts etc., 

• two-way wireless communication system for the Large Stage, consisting of eight wireless intercom stations, which provide coverage for the following locations: audience, technician cabins, main stage + side chambers, stage/backstage ceiling as well as all adjoining facilities. 

• control system for the stage action light feedback system, chime playback and illumination of “SILENCE” signs at the Large and Small Stage. 
In addition to the above, both stages were equipped with a stage action light feedback system, covering the following locations: mezzanine, orchestra pit, stage, proscenium entrances, technical galleries, audience entrances and the technician cabins.



2. Digital audio mixing consoles.
The task „purchase of sound equipment” included delivery and commissioning of three 48-channel, digital YAMAHA M7CL mixing consoles, intended for sound control for the audience as well as audio monitoring sound feedback for the Large Stage orchestra and vocalists. Two of these consoles were installed within the audience space and are configured in a cascade, allowing for simultaneous use by two FOH operators and providing them with control over 96 mono and 8 stereo channels. In the base configuration, one of the FOH consoles is used for vocals, whilst the other one is used for the orchestra. The third console was installed at the audio monitoring sound engineer stand, providing sound feedback for the orchestra and vocalists.



3. Sound and light system for the Gallery Stage.
In cooperation with LTT, M. Ostrowski Company supplied, installed and commissioned a sound and stage lighting system for the Gallery Stage.
The Gallery Stage includes a sound system, containing six onstage connection boxes, each containing 8 XLR audio inputs, 2 XLR return lines and 2 SPEAKON speaker return lines. Signals from these inputs are directed to a matrix, which allows for selection of 16 of the available 48 signal inputs. Selection is made in groups of 8 signal channels. These signals are then directed to a passive audio splitter, where they are divided into 3 groups:

• DIRECT – signals connected directly to the digital YAMAHA LS9-32 console,

• TRAFO-1- signals connected through separating transformers, intended for multi-track recording,

• TRAFO-2 – signals connected through separating transformers, intended for 3rd party use, like radio or TV.

Furthermore, the front console is supplied with audio signals from eight AUDIO-TECHNICA wireless microphone sets as well as two-track players, including: CD, MD, CF made by TASCAM. The Gallery Stage is fairly small and does not have a fixed stage orientation / arrangement. Considering this, the stage sound feedback for artists is carried out using the FOH mixing console. Audio signals to the audience and stage speakers are sent using AES/EBU format to D6 D&B amplifiers model D6. Audio signals from these amplifiers are then sent to a crossover matrix allowing for their direction to any of the six speaker connector sets located at the ground level or any of the eight ceiling connections. This means that there are a total of 28 speaker lines available at the gallery, allowing for practically any configuration of stage and audio sound at this hall. The D&B Ci series speaker sets are equipped with mounting brackets and stands, allowing the rearrangement of their configuration according to requirements. The supplied speaker units can be used for main stage / special effects audio for the audience as well as stage feedback for the artists.
The abovementioned systems were designed and implemented in cooperation with the design studio Pracownia Akustyczna Piotr Kozłowski sp. j.