Ignacy Jan Paderewski Musical Academy in Poznań

Poznań Musical Academy is one of eight academies of this type in Poland. It dates back to 1920, when it was established under the name Państwowa Akademia i Szkoła Muzyczna (“National Musical Academy and School of Music”).

In order to promote the Academy and city of Poznań, as well as to be able to host some more ambitious musical projects, this institution invested in one of the most architecturally novel and technically advanced concert halls in the Wielkopolskie voivodeship . the Aula Nova. The opening of this hall in 2006 received honorary patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Under this investment project, M. Ostrowski supplied, installed and commissioned a complete audio system, comprising of:
– active audio signal splitter with preamplifiers and digital mixing console,
– sound stage reinforcement system and stage monitors,
– recording studio equipment,

Analog audio signals from the stage are fed directly to the active LAR audio splitter, where they are divided into four signal groups for:
– FOH console,
– monitoring console,
– external connections for recipients such as TV or radio,
– recording room,

The signals intended for the FOH YAMAHA M7CL, are fed to YAMAHA AD8HR microphone preamplifiers and A/D converters, from which they are now sent in digital AES/EBU format to the mixing console. The sound engineer is able to control the preamplifier parameters directly from the mixing console, including among others the input sensitivity or upper bandpass filter settings. The signal from the digital mixing console is then sent using AES/EBU to D&B power amplifiers, which in turn supply speaker . also made by D&B. The power amplifiers have built-in DSP providing appropriate time / dynamics / frequency processing of signals.

The sound system uses an interesting configuration of the subwoofer speaker sets, which allowed for a directional distribution of low frequency sounds. This is surely one of the key features of this system, which greatly improves work comfort . for both the musicians on stage as well as the FOH sound engineer, but most importantly, providing great sound perception for the audience.

The sound system is complemented by RENKUS-HEINZ stage monitors. The recording studio equipment includes among others: high quality microphone preamplifiers from Millenia Media HV-3D and UNIVERSAL AUDIO 2-610, YAMAHA 02R96V2 digital mixing console, AMDAM AUDIO S3A studio monitors and PRO TOOLS multi track digital audio recorder.

All of the equipment was built into studio furniture, which was designed and arranged to minimize sound reflections, which normally is typical for large flat surfaces of recording studio furniture.

This system will surely provide and unforgettable impression to anyone, who will have an opportunity to visit this concert hall.