Polish Theatre in Wroclaw

Teatr Polski in Wroclaw was established in 1949, at which time it was called Panstwowy Teatr Dolnoslaski (National Theater of Lower Silesia), the current name is in use since 1969. This theater includes three scenes: Small Stage (at Swidnicka 28), Swiebodzki Train Station Stage (at Orlat Lwowskich 20c) and Jerzy Grzegorzewski Stage situated in the headquarters of Teatr Polski (Polish Theater) at Gabrieli Zapolskiej 3.



As the general contractor, M.Ostrowski Co. at the beginning of 2012 started modernization of the J. Grzegorzewski Stage. This investment foresees complete refurbishment of the object, including: 

1. upper stage mechanics, 

2. stage lighting, 

3. electroacoustic system, including: 
– audience sound system, 
– stage sound system, 
– support system for the hearing impaired, 

4. electrical installations, 

5. building and construction works, 

6. interior acoustics, 

7. stage manager system, including: 
– wired and wireless communication, 
– PA system, 
– scene sound monitoring system, 
– scene action feedback system, 
– ‘silence’ signs, 
– synchronous clocks, 
– video monitoring system,