The Pulawy Cultural Center „Chemists House”

„Dom Chemika” Cultural Center is the largest object of this type in Pulawy, offering the local community various forms of leisure activities. It allows among others for organizing theater performances, concerts of classical and popular music, cabaret and film projection.



In order to improve communications for various events, M.Ostrowski sp. j. has provided an intercom system for this object. Considering the small number of users, it was decided to use one of the simplest wired PartyLine intercom solutions from Riedel. This system consists of daisy-chained user groups. It was set up using Riedel CR-4 and CD-2 devices. This allows for convenient and independent communication between the stage manager and the sound and light technicians. The use of the CR 4 base station as the stage manager’s master unit, allows not only for communication with the above mentioned users, but also for audio monitoring and audio transmission of stage sound to the dressing rooms in order to summon the actors.



User stations consist of Riedel CD-2 units. CD-2 stations offer the same functionality as the CR-4 base station, however without the built-in power source. In this device, power is supplied directly from the base station, through the microphone cable, along with the digital audio, signaling and control signals. Considering the built-in I/O sockets, both the CR-4 and CD-2 can be used in conjunction with an external headset, the integrated speaker or an external gooseneck microphone.



This system is totally sufficient for this type of an object. At the same time, it is not a closed system. Depending on the configuration and considering the power supply in the CR-4 unit, the system can be expanded to a total of 32 PartyLine devices (e.g. CD-2 stations, c3 beltpacks or c31 splitters). Using additional power supplies, the system can be expanded even further. Clear and easy user interface allows for easy system usage, whilst the color pushbuttons greatly improve onstage usage.