Cultural Objects


Cracow Opera House

Cracow Opera is located in four buildings at Lubicz 48 street in Cracow. It consists of: more »

Chorzów Entertainment Theatre

Chorzów Entertainment Theatre is located at Maria Konopnicka 1 Street. It holds two stages: a large stage and a smaller one – called the Gallery Stage. Lately, Chorzów Entertainment Theatre is undergoing intensive development and modernization of its interiors and stage technology. more »

National Theatre in Warsaw

National Theatre in Warsaw dates back to an institution established in 1765 by King Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski. The first premiere was held on 19th November 1765. During the years the location of this theater was being changed, where currently it seats at the Grand Theater building at the Theater Square in Warsaw. more »

Wrocław Opera House

The Wrocław Opera House, having an almost 200 year history, is one of the largest (736 seats, cubature of 4200 m3 and 440 m2 stage) and best known opera houses in Poland. The sound reinforcement system installed by us at Wrocław Opera House is the first one in Poland with digital signal transmission used throughout the entire system. The complexity of this project can be easily summarized by the number of weld points (8 000) or the total number of signal and fiberoptic cables, exceeding 10 000m. more »

The Musical Theater “CAPITOL” in Wrocław

The Musical Theater .CAPITOL. in Wrocław is located in the historical building of the original CAPITOL cinema-theater built in 1929 based on the project of the excellent Berlin architect Friedrich Lipp. This object consists of three interconnected buildings: more »

The State Song And Dance Ensemble “Mazowsze”

A decree of the Ministry of Culture and Arts dated 8th November 1948, requesting Prof. Tadeusz Sygietyński to establish the State Song And Dance Ensemble . .Mazowsze., forever changed the Polish performance scene. more »

Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theater in Gdynia

Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theater in Gdynia, known for it.s large stage as well as the rotating stage, was equipped by our Company with a modern sound reinforcement system, allowing for impressive sound illustration for even the largest musical performances (up to 693 spectators). more »

Ignacy Jan Paderewski Musical Academy in Poznań

Poznań Musical Academy is one of eight academies of this type in Poland. It dates back to 1920, when it was established under the name Państwowa Akademia i Szkoła Muzyczna (“National Musical Academy and School of Music”). more »

Gliwice Musical Theater

Gliwicki Teatr Muzyczny (“GTM” – Gliwice Musical Theater) established in 2001 inherited and continues the excellent traditions of Operetka Śląska (Silesian operetta), which existed since 1952. more »