Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theater in Gdynia

Danuta Baduszkowa Musical Theater in Gdynia, known for it.s large stage as well as the rotating stage, was equipped by our Company with a modern sound reinforcement system, allowing for impressive sound illustration for even the largest musical performances (up to 693 spectators). more »

The broadcasting vehicle of Polish Radio in Gdańsk

The broadcasting vehicle of Polskie Radio (“Polish Radio”) in Gdańsk was equipped by our Company with an audio production system consisting of two Yamaha DM2000 v2 digital production consoles in a cascade setup, offering 192 mixing channels and direct access to 48 precision channel faders. The system uses fiber optics for audio signal transfer. more »

The town sports hall in Zielonka

The town sports hall in Zielonka near Warsaw is one of the most modern objects of this type in Poland, owing in large part also to the sound reinforcement system designed by our company. Cubature exceeding 4600 m3, 542 seats and a 44,6m x 25m play floor clearly visualize the size of this project. more »

Conference hall at the “Dom Pielgrzyma” (“Pilgrim house”)

Licheń, known worldwide for it.s beautiful Sanctuary of Our Lady of Licheń, can also take pride of the conference hall at the “Dom Pielgrzyma”, where M.Ostrowski provided a world-class: more »

Ignacy Jan Paderewski Musical Academy in Poznań

Poznań Musical Academy is one of eight academies of this type in Poland. It dates back to 1920, when it was established under the name Państwowa Akademia i Szkoła Muzyczna (“National Musical Academy and School of Music”). more »

Gliwice Musical Theater

Gliwicki Teatr Muzyczny (“GTM” – Gliwice Musical Theater) established in 2001 inherited and continues the excellent traditions of Operetka Śląska (Silesian operetta), which existed since 1952. more »

Przystań Marina Restaurant in Wrocław at Księcia Witolda Street

The Przystań restaurant, situated between Uniwersytecki (‘University’) bridge and Pomorski (‘Pomeranian’) bridge, is an ideal place to meet for coffee and gourmet Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurants climate is greatly affected by music, and thus by an appropriately configured sound system. All speakers here are installed in the ceiling so that the sound is distributed evenly to every place of the room.

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