Intercom System at the Warsaw Drama Theater

In 2009 we took part in a consortium with Aplauz Sp. z o.o. and provided modernization of the intercom system as part of the order for: „Supply including installation, assembly and commissioning of the stage managers system for the Gustaw Holoubek Drama Theater of Warsaw”. more »

Radio studio at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Gdansk

University of Gdansk was established in 1970 and with nearly thirty thousand students and one thousand seven hundred scientific staff is the largest college in the Pomeranian region. In 2008, the Oliwa campus of the Gdansk University gained a new Faculty of Social Sciences building, which houses modern assembly halls, specialized social laboratories, observation rooms, as well as photography, radio and television studios for students. more »

Fitness Academy at Arkady Wrocławskie shopping center

The last floor of Wroclaw Arkady Shopping Center holds one of the largest and most modern fitness clubs in Wroclaw – the ‘Fitness Academy’. more »

The Pulawy Cultural Center „Chemists House”

„Dom Chemika” Cultural Center is the largest object of this type in Pulawy, offering the local community various forms of leisure activities. It allows among others for organizing theater performances, concerts of classical and popular music, cabaret and film projection. more »

Agawa Restaurant in Wrocław Park Południowy, A.Waligórskiego Street

The Agawa restaurant, located in the quiet South Park in Wroclaw, has been recently equipped with a new sound system, consisting of a 120W amplifier with built-in mixer and selectable signal inputs. The speaker system is split into two zones (one for inside and one for outside of the restaurant). more »

Ibiza Ice Cafe in Wrocław at Święty Antoni Street

Ibiza Ice Cafe is a rapidly growing network of ice cream cafes in various towns throughout Poland. As part of an order the M.Ostrowski company provided design, delivery and installation of a complete sound system for the cafe at St. Anthony street in Wrocław. more »

Kielce Cultural Center

Kielce Cultural Center (KCK) is establish in December 1992 as the result of the merger between the Kielce Culture Center and the Municipal Cultural Center.
The KCK object consists of three sectors: more »

Cinema/Theater „Forum” in Boleslawiec

The „Forum” Cinema led since 1992 by Boleslawiec Cultural Center can be considered the main cultural center of Boleslawiec. After the general renovation in 2008, the object offers not only top-level cinema services (including digital and 3D projections) but also hosts theatrical performances, festivals and concerts.
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TGI Friday’s Restaurant at the Wroclaw Magnolia Park shopping center

The TGI Friday’s restaurant is a large two-level facility. Considering the number of rooms of different purpose, the sound system includes several speaker zones. An appropriate amplifier, located behind the bar counter, allows for independent control of sound level at the two restaurant halls, at the bar, toilets and in the kitchen.
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Inglot salon in Magnolia Park shopping mall

Inglot salons are places where every effort is made to assure the utmost client satisfaction for the received services. We also copped well with this challenge.
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